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Scholar Program

At SOFtoSOM, our Scholar Program serves as a cornerstone of support, offering financial assistance to exceptional Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel pursuing a career in medicine. More than just providing financial aid, our Scholar Program aims to empower individuals with access to a comprehensive array of resources, opportunities, and networking experiences. Facilitating the overall success of SOFtoSOM hinges on selecting the most qualified individuals, a task entrusted to our dedicated Selection Committee. Developed in collaboration with operational psychologists experienced in elite military and aerospace organizations like Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and NASA, our novel selection process ensures an unbiased assessment of each applicant's qualifications. This distinct process is kept separate from other programs to maintain integrity and fairness. Prospective Scholars can anticipate an initial written application followed by a virtual interview. Our objective scoring criteria, informed by a holistic approach, meticulously evaluate and select Scholars who demonstrate exceptional promise and commitment to our mission.

Financial Assistance and Beyond:

  • Financial Support: Our Scholar Program provides financial assistance to help alleviate the financial burden of medical school application preparation and related expenses, enabling Scholars to focus on their academic and professional pursuits.

  • Access to Programs: Scholars gain full access to all SOFtoSOM programs, including mentorship, academic support, and networking opportunities. This multifaceted approach ensures that Scholars receive comprehensive support throughout their medical journey.

  • Networking Opportunities: Scholars benefit from exclusive networking opportunities, including virtual shadowing experiences, virtual attendance to grand rounds, and other professional development activities. These experiences foster meaningful connections and provide invaluable insights into the medical profession.

  • Professional Development: Scholars receive tailored support and guidance to enhance their professional skills and competencies, preparing them for success in medical school and beyond.

  • Holistic Support: Our Scholar Program takes a holistic approach, addressing not only financial needs but also providing support in academic, personal, and professional development areas to ensure the overall success of our Scholars.

Selection Process:

  • Objective Criteria: Our selection process is based on objective scoring criteria developed in collaboration with operational psychologists with experience in elite military and aerospace organizations. This ensures a fair and transparent assessment of each applicant's qualifications and potential.

  • Holistic Assessment: Applicants undergo a rigorous selection process, including an initial written application followed by a virtual interview. The Selection Committee evaluates candidates based on their academic achievements, leadership qualities, commitment to service, and potential to contribute to the medical profession.

  • Fair and Transparent: We maintain strict confidentiality and integrity throughout the selection process to ensure fairness and transparency in the selection of Scholars. Each applicant is evaluated based on their individual merits and qualifications, regardless of background or personal circumstances.

At SOFtoSOM, we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of military physicians and leaders, empowering them to make a meaningful impact in healthcare and beyond.

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Scholar Program
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