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Research Program

How can we empower the healthcare system to support our nation’s service members? Why are less than 2% of veterans represented in the healthcare field? Over the next few years, our research program will address this by creating actionable awareness on the impact our scholars create. With this, we will better advise our partners, medical schools, and donors on the hidden value of SOF.

Through the creation of the only database in existence on SOF medical school applicants, we will highlight the quantitative and qualitative attributes that make our Scholars unique throughout their medical school journey.

Additionally, we encourage our scholars to participate in academic research prior to applying to medical schools. We accomplish this through our relationships with scientific journals, academic institutions, and highly-respected physician-scientists in the field to mentor our scholars through the academic and research writing process.

We are extremely grateful for the support of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine ( for our program and scholars. Stay tuned over the next few months as we highlight our scholars and document their biggest takeaways and lessons from the Global War on Terror.

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Research Program
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