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2025 Scholar Application

Applications for the 2025 class of SOFtoSOM Scholars open in July of 2024. To stay current on information regarding our application, please join our mailing list below. Prepare to put your best application forward.

SOFtoSOM Scholars

At SOFtoSOM, we believe your journey into medicine is another way to continue your service to our community. Our program not only equips you with the tools to become a future physician but also instills a sense of leadership in the medical field. We're dedicated to helping you serve others, driving meaningful change, and becoming a stakeholder in global healthcare.

Eligibility Requirements:

-- 2 years of service within SOF 
-- Active Duty / Veterans 
-- Be within 2 years of applying to medical school
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Time Line & Pre-Reqs

Step 1:

Application Window Opens

We have a rough timeline to open our application window in May 2024. However, it is important to note that this opening date can shift by a week or two. This is because this is a debut to allowing public applications into our organization. So, we want to ensure we have effective and efficient systems in place to select the 'right' cohort for 2025. 

Step 2:

Ensure Prerequisites are READY

Here is an outline of the necessary requirements for being a competitive applicant for Scholars: 

  • Active / Veteran of US SOF for 2 years (Full 24 Months on ERB) 

  • Proof Of Service 

    • ERB/ORB or DD-214 ​

    • Last 2 x NCOER/OER (Redacted If needed to be UNCLASSIFIED)

    • Contact Information of last 1st Line Supervisor in SOF

  • Be within 2 years of applying to medical school 

  • Sign SOFtoSOM contract 

Step 3:

Application Review 

Our application cycle looks to include various committee and subcommittee reviewers of applications. In general, this is how the flow of your application month will flow: 

  • Preliminary review of application (Do you have the prerequisites?) 

  • References contacted 

  • Further review by the application committee and potential interview invitation (This section of the review process is not disclosed to maintain the integrity of the process)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

"Does SOFtoSOM have programs or directives that help medics become Physician Assistants (PAs)?"

No. Currently, we limit our assistance only to applicants seeking MD or DO programs. However, as our organization grows, we hope to provide assistance to PA applicants in the future. 

"Can I apply to become a Scholar if I am not SOF but I am a medic?"

While we truly appreciate the perspectives that military medicine provides, we limit our Scholar program to Special Operation Forces personnel only. 

"I am SOF but not from the US, can SOFtoSOM help me?"

Unfortunately, due to IRS stipulations, we can only provide assistance to members of the SOF community whose service was to the United States. 

"I don't see the application link available yet? How do I reach out?"

Our application season generally will start the summer PRIOR to your expected medical school start date. If the link to apply isn't available, and you're currently in the application cycle for medical school please email us at info@SOFtoSOM.or

Would you like to join our team?

We're excited to welcome you to the SOFtoSOM community. If you're an aspiring medical student interested in joining the 2024 Cohort, please review the above-step process and click the application link after reviewing all requirements.

Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, feel free to explore our website to learn more about our mission, values, and the incredible work our scholars and mentors are doing. We can't wait to have you as part of our team, working together to transform the lives of Special Operations veterans pursuing careers in medicine.



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