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Special Operations Forces to School Of Medicine

Supporting United States Special Operations Forces Service Members in Their Journey to Become Physicians

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Incoming 2025 Scholar Cohort Application & Selection
Open1 July 2024 to 1 Sept 


2025 Scholar Annual T-Shirt Fundraiser
1 July - 10 July 

New Partnership! Donald and Barbara Zucker School Of Medicine!
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Special Forces soldiers free falling

What are Special Operations Forces?

Army medics helping an injured patient get evacuated from the battlefield with a helicopter.

Why Special Operations Forces?

Special Operations Forces (SOF) are military units comprised of elite US soldiers across all military branches trained to execute high-stress missions, often in covert and sensitive environments, where precision, adaptability, and specialized skills are paramount. 

These SOF units include Navy Seals, Green Berets, Rangers, Pararescue (PJ) airmen, Marine Raiders, and many others. Every SOF service member embodies the core values of Excellence, Integrity, and Adaptability. 

Special Operations Forces (SOF) service members possess the qualities, values, and beliefs innately found in exceptional physicians, as they demonstrate unparalleled dedication, commitment to excellence, and service to others. 

In 2022, out of 55,188 AMCAS applicants, only 375 veterans (0.007%) and 164 active-duty military (0.003%) applied to medical school. 
Meanwhile, 7-8% of the US population is characterized as veterans, according to the 2020 US Census. 

Jim Czarnik, M.D.

"Good judgement comes from bad experience, new physicians often lack the hard life experience required to translate the theoretical into action. SOF students build their clinical capacity on their bedrock of good judgement. RLTW!"

Dan Brillhart, M.D.

"Special Operations personnel are selected for their drive and motivation and they are used to functioning autonosmously under difficult circumstances. These attributes prepare them well for the rigors of medical training, in fact, many of the best physicians I know transition to medicine from careers in Special Operations." 

David Battinelli, MD

Dean and Betsey Cushing Whitney professor of Medicine at the Zucker School of Medicine
"U.S. Special Operations Forces service members embody values inherent in physician leaders, such as excellence and service to others. We are committed to helping them pursue their dreams of entering the medical field and ultimately improving the health and well-being of the communities they serve."

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