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Zachary LeBlanc

Director of Marketing

Zach was born in Baton Rouge, LA, and is a former US Army Special Forces Green Beret, current anesthesia technologist in Miami, and an incoming medical student at West Virginia University School of Medicine. Zach was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with the Third Special Forces Group (3SFG(A)) as an 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant. During his time on the teams, he completed his undergraduate degree in Health Science at Campbell University.

​Zach enjoys giving back to the SOF community, the same community that gave him the skills necessary to be successful in medicine outside of the military. Zach is also a 2 time applicant to medical school, he has always made it a point to show medical school reapplicants that it is possible with hard work and perseverance reapplicants can achieve their dream of becoming physicians. 

In his spare time, you can find Zach burning up the dance floor. He and his fiancée enjoy dancing together in styles such as bachata and salsa! He also enjoys the great outdoors, and spending time in nature, where he claims there’s no greater tranquility. Feel free to reach out to Zach with any questions, he’s full of information and lessons learned as a two-time and successful reapplicant to medical school.

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