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Diana Dangoor

Director of Finance

Diana Dangoor was born and raised in New York City. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University with honors in Classics. Witnessing her sibling’s struggle with recovery from a sport-related concussion inspired her to change course and pursue a medical career.

Following her premedical postbaccalaureate at Columbia University, Diana spent three years at the Neuropathology Brain Bank at the Icahn School of Medicine. There, she managed the histology team and contributed to high-impact research studies on neurodegeneration and neuro-oncology. 

Now an incoming medical student at the University of Illinois College of Medicine enrolled in the Clinician Executive track, Diana aims to make a difference in her future patients’ lives and drive sustainable system-wide change.

In her free time, Diana enjoys training for half marathons, playing classical piano, and caring for her two Pomeranians. 

Diana is also deeply committed to volunteerism, teaching, and mentorship. She has dedicated her time to advocating for reproductive health rights, teaching high-school students reproductive and relationship education, and mentoring elementary students with learning differences. Diana strives to positively impact individuals and communities and is eager to apply her experiences to SOF2SOM.

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