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Chad Spivack

Assistant Program Director

Chad Spivack grew up in Denver, Colorado before he served as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant in 3rd Special Forces Group in North Carolina. Chad has always had a desire to help those around him in whatever way that he can, so the 18 Delta medical career path resonated with him. While serving on a team was a very rewarding experience, being the husband and (now!) father was more motivating in his eyes. In 2021, he left the Army and moved to Fort Lauderdale with his wife and just recently celebrated the birth of their first child together.

Chad currently works as a product management consultant for Concentrix, where he interfaces with a wide variety of personalities and problem sets. While he is no longer involved in the medical field, he wants to bring his professional perspective to those taking the jump into the civilian world. Helping veterans succeed on the outside is a big passion for Chad and he looks forward to aiding in the mentorship of the new cohorts.

Outside of work, Chad loves spending time outside with his family and two dogs. Additionally, he loves anything and everything related to cooking and barbequing. Lastly, he gets his meditation in on the Jiu-Jitsu mat where he is currently working on his purple belt promotion.

Chad Spivack

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