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Brentyn Jones

Assistant Program Director

Brentyn Jones grew up in Spokane, Washington and enlisted in the Navy upon completion of high school in 2015. In the Navy, Brentyn completed SEAL training as well as the Army’s Special Operations Combat Medic (SOCM) course. At SEAL Team Eight Brentyn deployed twice to Europe and Africa acting as his platoon’s Primary Medic. 

Brentyn is a plank-owner at Naval Special Warfare’s Tactical Medical Cell where he currently instructs SEAL medics prior to deployment. Brentyn completed his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership at the University of Charleston West Virginia.

 Brentyn is an incoming medical student at West Virginia University School of Medicine. He will be returning to the Navy as a military physician and hopes to pursue anesthesia.

In his free time Brentyn enjoys playing guitar, competing in powerlifting, and skydiving. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, and is looking forward to welcoming a daughter into his family this coming spring. 

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