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How We Accomplish Our Mission

At SOFtoSOM, our organization aims to equip Special Operation Forces service members with the tools necessary to pursue their life's work -- service to others. In this, we leverage mentees to their success through three avenues: Our Mentorship Program, Research Program, and Scholar Support program. Combined, each of these feeds into one another to direct our mentees toward medical school. Pushing them from their camouflage uniform and into their white coat. 

At SOFtoSOM, we believe mentorship to be the bedrock of our foundation. Since its inception SOFtoSOM has utilized mentorship to guide mentees on MCAT preparation, interview preparation, application assistance, and insight into the application process as a whole. This program formalizes that foundation. Mentees will be appointed mentors that will follow them, and guide them along their journey to medicine. 


Change happens through research and literature. Our research program accomplishes several goals. It aims to assist mentees in generating a school list that best matches their values, scores, and beliefs. Further, the program also aims to provide fidelity to medical schools on the successes of SOF personnel as medical students, the culture of excellence that surrounds the SOF corps, and the details of who SOF personnel are.

The Veteran Scholarship Program aims to provide our scholars with the equipment they need to be successful in medical school. Just as when they were issued the highest quality mission oriented gear while they were Special Operators, our VSP will do the same. 

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