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Our Partners

SOFtoSOM extends heartfelt gratitude to our partners, whose unwavering commitment, collaboration, and guidance play a pivotal role in realizing our mission. Through their steadfast support, these valued partners empower us to facilitate the seamless transition of Special Operations Forces (SOF) members into careers in medicine. Together, we are addressing critical gaps in healthcare representation, advancing healthcare for all, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of SOF personnel and the communities they serve. We are profoundly grateful for their partnership and shared commitment to our cause.

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Medical School Affiliates

SOFtoSOM extends sincere appreciation to our affiliated schools, whose steadfast commitment to our mission significantly contributes to reducing barriers to entry into medicine for veterans, particularly Special Operations Forces (SOF) members. Through their official affiliation, these esteemed institutions demonstrate a profound dedication to supporting and empowering our scholars on their journey to become physicians. Together, we are breaking new ground in healthcare representation, advancing medical education, and fostering a brighter future for veterans in medicine. 

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